Tech4Change - SOP

About Tech4Change
Tech4Change is a voluntary initiative by Bhumi to support NGOs with their tech requirements. It bridges the gap between the NGOs who are looking for technical assistance to push their cause forward and tech enthusiasts who would love to volunteer, give back to their community doing what they know best.
Requests/Requirements Submission
    • Please submit your requests only via
    • Requests via email will not be processed by the team.
Request type, Description, Timeline:
CategoryTypeOrganizationDescriptionTimeline (Days)
WordPress WebsiteNew Website DevelopmentExternal Requestor NGO
  • Developing a WordPress website from Scratch
  • Shifting a Non wordpress website into wordpress
15 – 20 
WordPress WebsiteOld Website RevampExternal Requestor NGOImproving/changing the look and feel of an existing wordpress website.15 – 20 
WordPress WebsiteMigration to WordPressExternal Requestor NGO
  • Migrating other CMS to WordPress
15 – 20 
Data AnalysisExcel Works / AutomationBhumi / External Requestor NGO
  • The dashboard inside excel / Google sheet 
  • Formulas and automations 
15 – 20 
Data AnalysisData Studio ReportsBhumi / External Requestor NGO
  • Create Interactive live dashboard from google sheet. 

Example – Link

15 – 20
Data AnalysisData ExtractionBhumi / External Requestor NGOExtract data from any website / portal Example – List of colleges, schools, Hospitals, etc10 – 15
Data AnalysisGoogle Analytics SetupBhumi / External Requestor NGO
  • Website Performance report 
  • Performance reports for specific pages / Campaigns 
10 – 15 
Data AnalysisGoogle Analytics Custom report creationBhumi / External Requestor NGO
  • Creating reports on basic of session bounce rate backlinks.
  • Custom dimensions & metrics  
10 – 15
Other  Services Other Services  Other ServicesNA
  • Once you have submitted the request, our team will review the requirements and will assign the volunteers.
  • The requestor will receive the email regarding the assigned task to volunteer and further development updates.
  • Requests received only through the official Request form will be processed.
  • The standard acknowledgement of the request time is 2 working days. Then we will check if the required data is available for the approval process.
  • To get approval, we require all final data regarding the request from the requestor NGO. Without final data, the request is considered to be incomplete and will not be processed.The team will notify accordingly.(Our team will support you in all possible ways to help you with the required data as necessary.Do not worry.)
  • The approval timeline may get extended if the team needs more clarification from the requestor NGO.
  • The timeline will be calculated from the date of approval. The standard approval time is 1 working day, once all requirements are confirmed and agreed with the requestor NGO.
  • Post approval,if there are any data issues or access issues from the requestor NGOs , the loss in days will not be considered in the timeline.
  • Tech4change is not active on Sundays, National and festival holidays. These days will not be calculated in the timelines.
  • The timelines will be adhered to strictly.
  • In case of urgent requests, please reach out to the operations team by emailing us at [email protected]
Feedback / Support
  • Every task small/big is equally important to us, so a feedback form will be shared with the requestor after completion of the request on
    the same email thread with a closer email.
  • We request you to share your honest feedback.
  • T4C Volunteers might reach out to you to understand your feedback better. . 
  • T4C Volunteers will not ask you to modify the feedback you gave at any point, if someone does it does escalate it.
  • In case of any queries or grievances, please send an email to [email protected]
  • After receiving your feedback, the Tech4Change team requests you to provide your support and trust one more time through the “Testimony”.
  • This will provide the NGOs with your connections, understanding, and work done by Tech4Change, Bhumi. This will allow them to reach out to us for tech assistance.
  • Our aim is to support more NGOs within India and overseas on their tech requirements with your Tech4Change experience sharing via social media.