Media4Change - SOP

About the Creative Team

The Creative Team is a voluntary initiative by Bhumi to support our programme and support teams with their design requirements. It bridges the gap between the teams who are looking for assistance in designing and video editing to push their cause forward and designers, content creators and video editors who would love to volunteer, give back to their community doing what they know best.

Requirement Submission

Requests for any design must be submitted at least 4-7 days prior to the expected delivery.
To submit a new request, go to –
In the form, fill the request type, referring to the table below.

Note: If the request is submitted before 1pm, the day will be considered within the timeline. If submitted after 1pm, the timeline will start from the next day. 

  • ‘Re-edits’ option is used to edit previous designs. The old design ID will have to be submitted in the form and the design will be changed as per the content submitted.
  • ‘Bulk’ option can have multiple video requirements or multiple designs (print / digital design), and not both together. Maximum of 5 items can be delivered with 1 request. One project team can have one active bulk request at a time.
  • Fill the ‘Content & Links’ field carefully and state everything that should be mentioned in the final design. Content for any design or video request must be approved by the Social Team prior to sending the request.
  • Fill the ‘Instruction’ field with detailed instructions about color scheme, content, ideas pertaining to the design.
  • Once submitted, the requestor will receive an email containing details of the request. The same can be edited by clicking the ‘Edit submission’ link at the bottom of the mail.

Please note: 

– The timelines will be adhered to strictly. In case of urgent requests, please reach out to the creative team

– Requests received only through the official form will be processed

– Creatives team is not active on Sunday

Designing Process
  1. Once the request has been submitted, it will be assigned to a designer in the creative team within 24 hours.
  2. The requestor and the social team will be kept in the loop through various drafts of the design. If suggestions are to be made, both stakeholders should respond within two days of receiving the draft.
  3. The suggestions made should be detailed and specific. Vague suggestions will not be acted upon. 
Post-delivery Process
  1. Once the requestor is satisfied with the design, the request will be closed.
  2. A feedback form will be sent to both the requestor and social.

In case of any queries or grievances, please send an email to [email protected]