Events Support Team

The events support team will leverage Bhumi’s experience to help your team achieve your goals better. Refer the Case Studies in the Appendix


The scope of the events team

  • Includes: All PR or fundraising events that are organised for volunteers or for the public 
  • Excludes: All events exclusively organised for children part of our programmes Eg. Nakshatra, Joy to the World etc 


The events team will provide 360 degree consulting on the potential of any event to be scaled i.e. to reach a higher audience or raise more funds. The events Support Team will constantly strive to create bigger benchmarks of scale. Events are classified as

L1 Event L2 Event L3 Event
Potential to scale up
Very High
Reach Option 1: Volunteers (OR)
> 500
Reach Option 2: Funds Raised in Rs.
> 1,00,000
50,000 - 1,00,000
Support: Refining Idea
National Events Support Team
National Social Team
Chapter Support Team
Support: Budgeting, planning, Execution & Co-own goals
National Events Support Team
Chapter Level Teams
Chapter Level Teams
Support: Deciding timelines
National Events Support Team
Chapter Support Team
Chapter Support Team
National Social Team
National Social Team
Chapter Social Team


The team currently consists of members who have volunteered to be a part of the team. Members share experience in organising chapter level & large national events, sponsorship & Communications

  1. Harish Ananth – National Support Team (REFRESH). 
  2. Manav Gupta – Chapter Support Team(Pune). 
  3. Tanesha Agarwal  – Chapter Support Team(Kolkata) 
  4. Bharathy R – Chapter Support Team (Bengaluru)
  5. Neha Singal – National Communications Team 
  6. Team Mentor – Dr.Prahalathan KK, Co-founder, Bhumi

Please reach the Events Support Team at [email protected]

Case Studies:

Quarnival, an online festival for children from orphanages and shelter homes conceptualised & organised by the Pune chapter. It was a classic display of Bhumi’s values empathising with our children, proactively setting up the event to nurture the talent in our children during the quarantine. This event helped showcase their talent and boost their self-confidence. This event was a blessing in disguise for some kids to recover from the stress & anxiety caused by the pandemic.

Inspired by this idea, the REFRESH team improvised it to create Nakshatra Online. This idea further built on the values of volunteerism, activating teams across India who co-owned the event and Continuous Improvement with each event building on the learnings of the previous event and scaling to reach greater heights.

Further to create a platform for over 2,000 children across all 28 states of India, this platform also opened doors for the children from tier 2, tier 3 cities, towns which earlier didn’t have our presence and reach. This is further paving way for Ignite Online reaching many new centres, it all started with an idea from the Pune Chapter.  



Nakshatra Online

No. of Events



No. of children Impacted



No. of shelters



No. of States reached


All 28!

No. of volunteers



Estimated volunteer Hours



Mohan Karthik, one of the youngest volunteers of COVID Support team (Studies in Class 11!) came up with an idea to conduct a virtual run to raise funds for the people affected by the pandemic. It started with him empathising with the beneficiaries he was calling, proactively planning the event and presenting it to the REFRESH NST.

While we have been organising Bhumi India Run since 2017 the team validated the idea through a survey to decide about the event. Multiple teams for promotions & participants engagement with the involvement of over 200 volunteers across all major chapters. The team not only leveraged Volunteerism but in a spirit of Continuous Improvement reached out marketing experts to improve ideas achieving 10x PR & Fundraising.




No. of Participants



Funds Raised




Not Planned

50,000 website visits

No. of volunteers

Not Planned


Estimated volunteer Hours

Not Planned

800+ hours