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Bhumi, with its decade-long experience in working with children, brings you high-quality curriculum resources and instructional support for an engaging learning environment.

  • Quality content including lessons, student activity kits, carefully curated and segmented, saving your valuable time.
  • Bring your own creativity into teaching experiences and connect with other innovative educators sharing content and suggestions.
  • Professional resources you need to facilitate classes and create a lasting impact on student learning.

How does this work?
For every question you have, you will find the solution here.If a question is not answered, ask us directly through the form below. You can also share your feedbacks and inputs for a better curriculum design

Volunteer Wellbeing
For every teacher, handling the first class can be tricky. We know this feeling; hence we are committed to make this process easier and enjoyable.

What are you teaching today?
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Kanini is a computer literacy programme for underprivileged children. It has well-structured internally developed syllabus with courses that caters to kid’s requirements, interest and aptitudes.

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Lakshya is a mentorship and life skills development project. Lakshya pairs underprivileged children with volunteers, who act as their mentors and role models. The program helps the children realize their potential and transforms the volunteers into more socially aware leaders.

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LEM - Little Eintseins Mathematics

LEM is an activity-based learning programme that focus on the conceptual understanding and learning of Mathematics. The project focus on tapping the curiosity of children and understand the importance of Mathematics.

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LES - Little Eintseins Science

LES is an experiment-based learning programme that focus on fundamental concept of Science through observation, experimentation and conceptual understanding. The project focus on eliminating fear of science.

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Yantra is an exciting hands on programme that helps underprivileged children learn scientific concepts by building their own robots.

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Artoons focuson enabling young minds to think like an artist by introducing different forms of arts and crafts. Also the project focus on integrating art in young children’s learning which can enormously impact their growth and personal wellbeing.

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deStep strongly focuses on nurturing kid's potential through Dance. At first by building their self-confidence and breaking down stage fear. Additionally, improving their mental & physical health alongwith social-skills through dance.

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Sprint help children develop teamwork, leadership skills, communication and problem solving skills that will benefit them in the playfield and life.

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Speak Out

Speakout is an English Learning programme for underprivileged children who have limited or no proficiency in the language.