Guidelines to be followed for expense reporting

  1. Every attempt should be made to obtain proper supporting document as listed below regardless of the amount or type of expense and addressed to “Bhumi” and expenses submitted for must be based on actual cost 
  • Invoice
  • Cash Bill
  • Original itemized receipts (i.e. Hotel bills, airfare receipts, detailed restaurant receipts,etc.)
  1. Estimate/Proforma Invoice/Delivery challan/ Debit, Credit card statements or card transaction receipts/Payment transfer transaction screenshot are insufficient documentation to support the expense reimbursement claim.
  1. For exceptional cases for without bills/Invoices which is restricted Up to RS.5,000 is allowed with prior approval from your approving authority and Finance Team. It should be accompanied with filled in cash voucher duly signed by the receiver and the approving authority.

Link for Cash Voucher download: Click here

  • Date of expense 
  • Payee Name 
  • Description 
  • City Name 
  • Expense Category 
  • Projects 
  • Project Dependent (for Happay users)
  1. For clarification related to Projects (or) Project dependent, Reach out to your approving authority.
  1. Maximum timeline to submit expense reports will be two months from the date of expense.
  1. Expense related to Planned events for which Budget is above Rs15,000 should be communicated to approving coordinator/manager and Finance team at least 7 days prior to the event with detailed breakdown. Last minute payment request may not be considered for payment processing.
  1. Incidental expenses above 5000 without prior approval from approving coordinator/authority will be treated as unauthorized and it will not be reimbursed.