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Volunteer. Lead. Inspire

We are Driven by Volunteering & Transformation

At Bhumi, our unwavering optimism fuels our pursuit of meaningful change. Through the power of volunteering, we are building a society where every individual can reshape the conversation with their voices and stories, creating a brighter future for all.

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Civic VolunteeringCivic Volunteering

Civic Volunteering

Our Programs

Ignite Program icon

Ignite Program

Ignite tackles complex challenges facing children in disadvantaged communities through the transformative power of education

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Catalyse Program icon

Catalyse Program

Catalyse harnesses the power of volunteers to facilitate change in environmental, animal welfare, and other civic initiatives.

Leadership Development  icon

Leadership Development

Bhumi Fellowship is a 2-year paid, transformative program to help you become the next leader in education. Through our fellowship program, we provide young leaders like you with hands-on training and on-the-job experience in teaching and transforming schools in India.

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Volunteer. Lead. Inspire

Transform India Through Education

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Global Focus Enables Individual Potential

If you are still wondering, we would like to be judged by the work we do and not just the words we say.

Our Community

At Bhumi, we strive for meaningful change. Through volunteering, we aim to build a society that empowers every individual to reshape the conversation with their voices and stories.

Our Impact

Last year we have engaged 90,000+ volunteers in various causes aligned to the sustainable development goals of the UN 

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