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At Bhumi, we strive for meaningful change. Through volunteering, we aim to build a society that empowers every individual to reshape the conversation with their voices and stories. Among grassroots NGOs in India, Bhumi has a strong reputation for success. We are a leading NGO in India focusing on two areas: Education & Volunteer.

The cornerstones of our work Volunteer. Lead. Inspire

We are one of India's largest NGO volunteer organizations.

Our work revolves around

How Change Happens

Our Programs

NGO for education

Ignite tackles complex challenges facing children in disadvantaged communities through the transformative power of education.

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NGO beach cleaning

Catalyse harnesses the power of volunteers to facilitate change in environmental, animal welfare, and other civic initiatives.

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children school education through NGO
Bhumi Fellowship

Centered around the holistic development of children, the Bhumi Fellowship focuses its efforts on Whole-School Transformation.

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Bhumi NGO beach cleaning

Our focus on global problems unlocks possibilities on the individual level.

If you are still wondering, we would like to be judged by the work we do and not just the words we say.


We believe that every child deserves to have access to quality education. It is the one thing that can never be lost. Additionally, it will enable them to achieve many of their aspirations and live fulfilling lives. Bhumi is one of the few Top NGOs in India that promotes whole-school transformations and gives educational opportunities to students from disadvantaged communities. Conserving the ecology and its blessings is a necessity, not a privilege. Bhumi’s vision is for every Indian to volunteer for causes such as child education, and community welfare, among many others.  In Bhumi NGO India, we bring together many members and supporters and increase our ability to protect people’s right to good education and a clean environment. Also, as one of the foremost NGOs, we are proud to be acknowledged as a financially transparent and accountable organization. BHUMI is one of the top Non-profit organization in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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